Duvar Resimleri

Culinary Walk in Sirkeci District Every Monday at 12:00 – per person 35 TL

We will take you on a short culinary walk through our neighborhood and show you what it’s really all about. Some foods you have heard of, and some you haven’t. The names may scare you, but these foods are unique, delicious, and most of us eat them every day. Do not miss this experience.

Cooking Experience Every Monday and Friday at 14:00

A Turkish Cooking Experience with the Chef from our restaurant. No special skills required. Enthusiasm is a key ingredient for a delicious meal and a good time. You will learn how to cook an appetizer, and a main course in our kitchen. Takes about 45 minutes, then enjoy the meal you have created.

A Taste of Life Style in Golden Horn Every Wednesday at 10:30

Take yourself out of the tourism routine and live the real life of Istanbul. This walk will help you to get out of the busy tourist schedule and allow a glimpse into the daily lives of people in Istanbul. We will start our walk from the Mosque of Mehmed the 2nd, the conqueror of Constantinople. Then, to the colorful, living, and busy environment of the Fatih Farmers Market, which is one of the biggest open air markets in Turkey. You can buy local goods including fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, underwear, curtains, clothing, cookware, fabric, hand bags, etc...

At the end of the tour we will visit the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate to feel the Greek Identity of Istanbul.

Walk Through the Trade Life of 800 Years Every Saturday at 10:30

Istanbul can be described as one of the most colorful cities in the world, in terms of the lifestyle hidden inside. As the last stop of the “Silk Road” before entering Europe, trade facilities and shopping have always been parts of this colorful life. With this tour you will see the “hans” which are old production and shopping centers of the Ottoman Era. You can visit the wholeseller areas, production facilities of traditional handcrafts, and flow with the local life style.